The two-day conference portion of Creating Equilibrium - appropriately named Visions - will inspire leaders to visualize and unearth real-world solutions to both current and future environmental crises.

All attending visionaries, from educators to innovators to environmentalists, will join leading panelists in an astonishing virtual reality dome to discuss biodiversity challenges. The conversation will be brought to life and ideas turned into real-time solutions using a combination of Artificial Intelligence and 3D project mapping.

Featured speaker, New York Times bestseller, Pulitzer Nominee, and Creating Equilibrium co-founder Steven Kotler, will be joined by the following individuals, as well as more to be announced:

  • Hosted by YouTube star and activist Prince EA

  • Patricia Wright - Conservation Biologist, MacArthur Genius Grant Winner, Climatologist

  • Jeremy Jones - Pro snowboarder, founder of Protect Our Winters

  • Jamie Wheal - Executive Director, Flow Genome Project

  • Dr. David Suzuki - Professor, Author, Broadcaster Host of The Nature of Things

  • Dickson Despommier - Professor Emeritus of Microbiology and Public Health at Columbia University

  • Susi Mai - World-class Kiteboarder and Business Networking Entrepreneur

  • Leilani Münter - Race driver, Eco-Athlete of the Year 2013

  • Andrew Hessel - Distinguished research scientist and bio-futurist



Tram to table Dinner! 

kick off? keynote? anything?


Breakfast and Lunch before the concert.

rewilding of America (Rewilding is the concept that an unbroken block of wilderness from the Yellowstone to the Yukon can help mitigate threats to biodiversity by preserving the habitats of apex predators

Retrocasting — that the future is ours to change if we begin with the desired goal in mind then work backwards, step by step,  to the present, crafting solutions at each level.

Madagascar regarding sustainable and economically viable development in protected areas.

vertical farming, in-vitro meat and the challenges of feeding the far larger populations of the future.

the role of Big Data and AI in elevating us from the status quo to our desired outcome.

the 2030 goal of an America that is rewilded, that has mega-linkages, and is focused on mitigating damage to biodiversity and ecological service systems. They emphasize the “What’s in it for my household” point of view.




Dinner at Plumpjacks

the concept that artists and athletes can use their platforms to move the needle regarding biodiversity and the ecosystem since both they and their stakeholders depend vitally on having abundant wild spaces.

attention on the grand challenges faced by humanity — from the exponential rise in population during his lifetime, increases in the carbon and nitrogen cycles to the replacement of wilderness with cities and farm land and the dangerous effect that has on biodiversity and ecosystem services. He concludes that we have to respond as a species to these crises of our own making.

the role public policy can play in the promotion of positive environmental change and how creative water management can play a role in the rewilding of America and in achieving the 2030 vision of visions. He concludes by teeing up next year’s theme and framing the conclusion of  the conference.