SQUAW VALLEY AT Lake Tahoe will serve as the backdrop for the Village Green festival. 

The event will continue to raise awareness and inspiration around critical environmental issues by providing thousands of individuals with a deeper environmental understanding using virtual reality, art installations and other immersive experiences.

sounds of the village


Land-to-Lake Climate Art Installation

Presented by Tahoe Public Art 

A custom designed 3D augmented reality art experience with data-driven storytelling that takes visitors on a journey through the impacts of climate change on the ecological biodiversity of the Lake Tahoe Basin as well as an activation component that connects audiences to solutions. 

Gilles Cenazandotti Environmental Art Exhibition

Presented by Contessa Gallery in collaboration with Tahoe Public Art

Visitors will encounter a series of endangered species, sculpted by world-renowned artist and activist Gilles Cenazandotti, constructed of discarded objects harvested from Mediterranean beaches (including petroleum, oil and plastic based products destroying natural habitats).


Presented by 5 Gyres

This participatory metal sculpture is about microplastic pollution that flows from our seas into us.  There are four bicycle generators that power LED lights and water pumps that push microplastic-laden water through the body of DaVinci’s Vitruvian Man.  


Presented by 5 Gyres

This exhibit, titled “Junk and Gyre” is a traveling show that just came offline from the Cleveland Aquarium.  The center of the exhibit is the JUNK raft, which is a raft made from 15,000 plastic bottles that floated an airplane from Los Angeles to Hawaii in 88 days back in 2008.  The entire exhibit tells the story of plastic pollution in the world’s oceans and what must happen to solve the problem.